Monday, March 26th 1917

Received orders to move forward. During day packing up and making preparations for move. Camp Commandant inspected camp at 6, said he was very satisfied with way our lines had been kept during our stay.  Mule discovered with cracked hoof and was exchanged for sound mule from Remount Depot.  Transport moved off at 6.45 – men followed at 7.00.  All entrainted by 9 and found trian was not timed to start till 12.  Our destination is Douillins – Stopped at [word unclear] about 5 where hot water was supplied – very slow journey – reached Amiens about 1 – just outside Doullins at 6 but didn’t get into station till about 7.45.   Left men at station and went to Town – Major gave me list of billets – Went round with Q.M. – very poor billets indeed – got men in by about 10.

Monday, March 26th 1917

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