Friday, March 16th 1917

Up about 2.30 a.m.  Parade at 4 a.m., marched quietly to Govt. Siding arriving about 5, and without slightest fuss or commotion started quietly out about 6.  Reached Southampton about 8.30.  Told boat would sail about 5 in the afternoon – was appoined O.C. Troops for voyage.  Our Landing Return was 3 officers, 1 W.O., 2 Sergeants, 6 Corporals, 240 Pioneers, 5 drivers, 4 batmen, 10 mules, 2 G.S.Wagons, 1 water cart, 2 motor bicycles.  Had very comfy journey but arrive at Havre just too late to go in with tide so had to stand off and wait for next tide.

Friday, March 16th 1917

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