Monday, November 20th 1916

About 1.30 today warning was received that Queen Alexandra would visit the hospital arriving about 3.30.  I was in bedbut decided to get u pand dress.  The Quenn arrived punctually and presented badges to the nurses – from the windows of our little rooms we could see the little ceremony which took place in the conservatory. She then went forward to open a new ward just prepared here and then we waited for her visit to us.  At last I heard the party arrive in the corridor and commence her visits to the rooms and then my turn came.

The Queen came in with the surgeon – shook hands amde me sit down. She said how well I was looking, asked me where my would was and whether the bone was injured and said what a good thing it was that my leg was saved.   She said she ahd been to Roehampton where they were making and fitting artificial limbs and one man whom she had noticed on a previous visit without legs, was there at work making arms etc. and was weating two artificial legs, on which he could walk, going no slower than she herself was. She said it was wonderful – she shook hands again and went on.  Miss Knollys then came in – she admired the room and said it was like being on a ship – enquired about my wound and told me that a nephew of hers (Alex. Mackenzie) had been hit in the thigh and had had great pain from the sciatic nerve – that he afterwards went out and got killed.

She was a dear old lady and quite easy to get on with.

Atkin, my neighbour, asked the Queen for her photograph and autograph and as I had bet him half a crown he wouldn’t do so I lost my money.


Monday, November 20th 1916

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