Tuesday, Oct. 3rd 1916

Transport under Wright with Budgett moved off at 7.30 to travel by road.

About 10.30 we were to,d that no provision would be made on train for any horse transport, and all officers horses, kit, carts etc. must proceed by road at 11.30. Tremendous rush but Major, Wooley and I with water art and kit cart started o ft about 12.15, through Tournas, Bonneville, and joined the other transport at [word unclear] about 6.30. In the afternoon after the rain it turned out beautifully fine and I enjoyed the ride through this rich agricultural district immensely.

Molly who is left behind with the men will have a very busy time tomorrow – he entrains at a point 8 miles from Frevillers at 7.15 a.m. and in the meantime is without field kitchens etc.

(Later in the day Molyneux was very feverish and after examination by doctor was sent  by motor ambulance to St. Pol – high temperature and tonsillitis, – the men had to be brought forward by the Sergt. Major.)

Tuesday, Oct. 3rd 1916

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