Thursday, Sept. 14th 1916

Holiday. The pioneers have received orders that they are to move. After lunch Beloe, Wooldridge, Budgett, Griffiths and I with two orderlies set off on horseback for Bethume. Molyneux came on his bike – met Hassell riding on the way and he joined us. Got to Bethune about 4.30. Met quite a lot of No. 1 and No. 2 officers there – they are also on holiday – had tea and afterwards did a bit of shopping  – things are very dear but being in the danger zone this is not surprising – this town is not much knocked about as the villages we are accustomed to. Getting dinner was rather a difficulty, the Hotel de France being closed  – we went to the d’Or but were very dubious about the place. However at 7.30 a most excellent dinner was served and as about 40 officers turned in it clearly has a big reputation. Started back about 9.30 and got back about 10.45 – a most enjoyable trip.

Thursday, Sept. 14th 1916

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