Wednesday, July 19th 1916

Before going up into the line I saw Pedler who said he would send a line to (unclear text) – Went round the trenches with Williams. While we were eating our bread and cheese at midday I had a near squeak. We were sitting on a fire step in Forest Alley – a reserve trench – There was a certain amount of firing going on but we were taking not the least notice of this when quite suddenly a splinter from a shell which has burst overhead, came with a buzz just past my shoulder into the trench just 12 inches from the side of my foot – the splinter was about 4 inches long and would have given me quite a good blighty one. I brought away the bit of splinter – after it had cooled off – as a souvenir.

Heavy firing started in the evening to the north of us and we hope to hear of a movement there. The trenches just now are brightened up very much by the great clumps of poppies, cornflowers and all kinds of wild flowers. They grow in amazing quantities in this district.

Wednesday, July 19th 1916

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