Wednesday, June 14th 1916

Got up at 6 without breakfast to take Sec. to do duty on shift work in dug outs in Marstro Line near Carency – Men very late on parade and very awkward – 11 fell out sick leaving 12 for duty – marched off and divided party 6 on right and 6 on left of Cerency – Found trench indescribable. Many lengths up to knees in mud and water – got putties, socks and boots absolutely sodden and as it was rising and very cold conditions were awful – especially after no breakfast. About 11 left right and went alone to try and find party on left but didn’t do so – returned to camp and found my party had not turned up but they came in soon after.

Meantime conditions at camp had been improved. Tents had been pitched and I am sharing a tent with Griffiths.

Vimy Ridge heavily shelled in afternoon – shrapnel all along line and heavy shells –

Wednesday, June 14th 1916

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