Saturday, June 3rd 1916

An hotel opposite the station opened at 7 and several of us walked up the line and had breakfast there. We left at 9.15 and finally reached St. Pol at 12 noon. Omnibuses were waiting and a staff officer told us the villages we should be billeted in. The Engineers were to go to Rebrauve. After dropping the other officers we went forward and reached the village about 2.45. As the Coy. were to leave Hacquincourt at 3 a.m. and were to come by a more direct line I had to bustle round to get the billeting fixed up, before their arrival. I got everything fixed up and got a note that our O.C. had to report at H.Q. at 9. As at 5 minutes to 9 the Coy. had not arrived I went to H.Q. and just explained the situation when Capt. Revell came in. I left him and went back to get the men distributed in their billets – later Revell came from H.Q. with orders that the Coy. had to move off on the next day to Hersin. The men were all thoroughly done up and it was rough that they had to move off again so soon.

Saturday, June 3rd 1916

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