Monday, June 5th 1916

Secs. 3 & 4 moved off about 1.30 and arrived at new quarters about 4. We are attached to the 101st Field Co., R.E., who are in tents hidden up by the trees – erected our tents – after dinner Capt Revell went with one of the R.E. Secs. and I went with another for their night work. We left camp about 7.45, marched to a point where we met the infantry working party of 100 men. We then went on through the ruined village of Aublanc St. Lazaire, only portions of the walls left of the houses and church. Past the sugar factory of Suchez where a very deadly fight between the French and the Bosch too place – to a trench (2nd line) near Suchez. The ridge of Vimy was straight in front (1600 yards) lit up by star shells and gunfire – which continued during the night. I looked at the work and left with a guide about 11.30 – Back thro’ the ruined village and up thro’ the wood to the camp where I had the greates difficulty finding my tent. Revell had arrived and had had even greater difficulty than I had in finding the tent – and the sentry posted to our tent – on being sent back to his tent wandered about for over an hour trying to find his tent which was only some 40 yards away.

Monday, June 5th 1916

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