Tuesday, May 16th 1916

Today about 4 p.m. we came on board the Ionian. This morning our orders were that during the day we should get aboard the Franconian. All morning we were busy getting our baggage down to the dump by the pier. At midday we got orders to embark on the Ionian. This is a much smaller boat and probably H.P. want the more roomy accommodation for themselves. We left camp – headed by the No. 3 drum and Fife band – were surprised to find we had to load all our own stores on the lighter –  so the men piled arms, took off their equipment set to with a will and loaded the boat in record time. Sailed off in the lighter and finally got on board the Ionian about 4 – contrary to report we found her quite a comfortable boat. Gould and I share Cabin No. 18 –  perfectly comfortable. Everything is very much smaller and not so palatial as the Olympic but I would just as soon travel by her as by the Olympic. Getting about is very much simpler – a very comfy dining saloon and the grub is good – e.g. dinner tonight – soup, fish,  duck, mutton, partridge, sweets, coffee. The accommodation for officers is not nearly full and we have plenty of room. We sailed from Nucdros about 8 p.m. There are about 1700 troops aboard – all R.N.D. The Nelson’s, the Hood’s, the Divisional team and the 1st Field Engineers 158 men and 4 officers strong.

Tuesday, May 16th 1916

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