Sunday, May 7th, 1916

Another glorious day. Church parade. In the afternoon as all rooms were confined to camp owing to,elections in Greek villages we arranged a trip on the tug round the harbour and an exceedingly good afternoon, we had. Taylor, Padwick, Beloe, J.B. Molly, Griffiths, Nixon, Wolldridge and Musland of the Cyclists. We cruised round the harbour, round the dry dock and the various battleships laying here.

Afterwards we went off near Luniq Point, where some of the party dived in off the tug and had a swim; we then had tea and lay about on the deck in the sun afterwards rowing ashore in Padwick’s boat for a stroll. Returning home we saw a paddle steamer crowded with troops and followed her up to a transport where troops embarked, recognising some of the officers the Surgeon pulled in and had a talk with them. They were the 2nd Marines and the Howes who had got orders ar 3 to embark at 6. Returning in we met several lighters loaded to water line with troops. We hurried home half expecting to find orders awaiting us.


Sunday, May 7th, 1916

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