Sunday, April 16th, 1916

No. 2 Co. (Unclear word) left to rejoin their Co. At Imbros. Surgeon Padwick and George went with them.

The advance party of No. 3 who are shortly coming from Imbros arrived here.

Great excitement in camp – orders have just been issued that the transfer of the division from the Navy to the Army will be completed within the next few days – that all units must be prepared to embark without delay and that all leave is cancelled. This is very hard lines on the men who for some days have been standing by waiting the arrival of the transport – already nearly a fortnight late – to take them home on leave. We are all wondering what the next move will be.

After dinner Lieut. Taylor bring alone at H.Q. Came over and we had a long chat together. He was at the same school as Kellick and knows him well and he also knows Hart, who was on a job of theirs in S. Wales. He knows Lang Crath who he says is not quite to everybody’s satisfaction. Lieut Taylor is a most interesting man – an old Blue, and a first rate engineer and officer.

Sunday, April 16th, 1916

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