Monday, March 27th 1916

Six men and Sergeant and Major Harrison left in Destroyer Arno for Stavros. In afternoon the military cemetery adjoining Greek Church at Portzanos was consecrated by Bishop Price – a very impressive ceremony. Owing to pressure of work the detachment of 25 from Engineers could not attend. All units were represented as well as Marines and bluejackets from battleships in harbour. Mrs Doughty-Wylie who provides a hospital here at her own cost, was present with some of her sisters. The leading Greeks from the village with a number of the smallest children from the school were also present. Two little girls carried a big wreath of laurels etc. Which was placed in a prominent place during ceremony.

The general with his staff, and Admiral Christian with his staff – Bishop Price with his Chaplain and the Greek priest in his full robes were also present. After the ceremony the leading Greek made a speech and the Admiral handed him a written reply. All round the cemetery were large numbers of the native Greeks who must have been impressed with the dignity of the service and the precision and discipline shown by the troops. The Q.M. took several snapshots with my camera which I hope will turn out alright.

A hostile aeroplane flew over and dropped bombs near E. Nucdros.

Monday, March 27th 1916

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