Sunday, March 12th, 1916

myrina castle
Myrina (formerly Castro) Castle – source

With Q.M.S., Serg. Edgar and Corpl. Taylor road to Castro [Myrina] a magnificent (word unclear) and thoroughly enjoyed the devious raide over the hills which altho’ very rugged and bare are very beautiful.  Some of the views from the tops of the hills are magnificent – notably one looking east in which you can see the Nucdus harbour and beyond the mountains at Samothracia [Samothrace] – rugged and covered with snow, and the isle of Tenedos.  Later a beautiful view through valleys to the bay at Kondia.  Castro the largest town in the island is more modern than any of the other towns – good large houses which in summer are occupied by people from Alex., Cairo etc.

tenedos map
Map showing the locations of Lemnos, Samothracia and Tenedos mentioned in Jim’s ride across the island. Source

The chief feature is the castle built by Venetians on a rocky hill by the harbour – at the top are thousands of solid cannon balls.  Saw a gun with Arms and King Philip V stamped on.  In distance could see the peak of Mount Athos covered with snow and shining in sun rising out of clouds round base.  Standing up out of perfectly blue sea – a most beautiful site.

Streets very narrow and irregular – crowded with Greeks Turks etc. in the quaintest costumes. Had quite a good lunch at Hotel de France.

During week carried on as usual – chief was hut building etc. at depot and stores – building magazine – pile driving at pier E. Nucdus – gun emplacements for anti-aircraft guns – building bdy. wall to cemetry etc. etc.


Sunday, March 12th, 1916

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