Thursday, Feby. 24th 1916

View of Lemnos Island harbour
Lemnos Harbour – source

Going on deck after breakfast found that Lemnos was in sight ahead.  Got into the harbour about 11 a.m.  A magnificent harbour crowded with vessels of every description, British and French war vessels, submarines, transports etc.  As we sailed into the bay could see various camps on shore.  We were ordered to be ready to land about 2.  Transhipped into small steamer and got ashore about 4 p.m.  With a guide in front marched off to a camp about a mile and a half away.  Reached this camp, formed up and found that the three other field officers had dropped out en route.  Waited about for some time without receiving any attention and then after consultation with officers of divisional train I detailed off the men into the empty huts.  As there was no food for the men went off with Lieut. Primrose and finally reached the Q.M. Stores where we were able to get rations. Had some dinner while wagons were being loaded and returned with wagons. Reached the camp again and found that the Field Coy. draft had marched off and also that my kit had been removed.  With guide set off in the dark to find them, and after first calling at the Headquarters Mess (the wrong mess) was redirected over very rough country to the right lines.  Found the other draft officers there and received a very pleasant welcome.  Had to make up my own bed in a small cubicle where the four of us slept.

Thursday, Feby. 24th 1916

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