Wednesday, Feby. 23rd 1916

Tremendous excitement this morning. About 8.45 a submarine was reported about 1/4 mile away on starboard side. The alarm was sounded and the troops paraded at their alarm posts. Three shots were fired and it is rumoured that the third shot found its mark. The ships orders gave position of attack as Lat. 18 degrees 50′ E, Long. 36 degrees 34′ N.

One report goes that when first seen the conning tower was above water, our gun was fired, that the submarine was submerged and brought up again on the port side of the ship, that she fired a torpedo, but that as in the meantime our course had changed, the torpedo missed its mark.

U135 - image source
Example of a WW1 German U-boat – source

There are many rumours and as the authorities do not furnish any information it is impossible to say what did really happen. I was out of the excitement altogether – I was down at breakfast while the excitement was on, and the alarm for some reason never reached the dining room.  I arrived on deck just as the men were being dismissed from the alarm parade. For days our course has been very zig zag and today this has been increased, some of the changes being almost at right angles.

Sports concluded this afternoon, the Maori team winning the men’s tug and the English officers team beating the R.N.D. Officers in the Officer’s final. Bright and fine but rather cold – so far we have not had any rain at all on this trip.

Picture of the SS Olympic in dazzle painr
RMS Olympic – source


Wednesday, Feby. 23rd 1916

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