Thursday, Feby. 17th. 1916

Fine day but with fresh cold wind. Tugs alongside in the morning until about mid-day when we thought we should be starting sheared off and left us – it is rumoured that on account of high wind it would be risky for such a large vessel to go through the Solent which is strongly protected by mines – it is also rumoured that we may remain in port for several days.

Paraded today at 10 and also 2. Lifebelts served out to all men and officers and orders given that they are to be worn continuously.

Later – Going up on deck just before 10p.m. found that the tugboats had come alongside again and preparations were being made for a start.

About 10.10 we got away and without any hitch whatever got into the river – cheers were raised by men on the hospital ship Britannic which was lying in same dock, and by men on the dockside which were answered by our men on board. A beautiful moonlight night but with a cold wind blowing – I turned in about 11.

Thursday, Feby. 17th. 1916

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